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The Health HANG-OUT:

The Health HANG-OUT:

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Who’s In The Hang-Out:
AnDrea Watkins

Founder & President - Kismet Kreations, LLC. Founded as a diet-friendly and decadent catering company, we have now branched out into retail sales for whole wheat sweet potato pancakes - known as The Slim Stack. I also teach business-related courses at the Art Institute of Houston and seminar classes at Lone Star Community College.

Where is your favorite place to go in Houston, for inspiration?
For inspiration, my favorite place is Arthur Story Park on W. Sam Houston Parkway.  The best sunsets are captured there.  It's a great place to watch families enjoying time away from technology, joggers relieving stress, walkers beginning a weight loss journey, and couples taking a romantic stroll.  Although it always seems to be full of people, there is also a sense of intimacy where I feel alone in my own thoughts.

What is your guilty pleasure at the moment?
At the moment, my guilty pleasure is Power on the Starz network...and dark chocolate.  My love affair with dark chocolate is a never-ending guilty pleasure.

What was your last Kitchen and/or nutritional purchase and Why?
My last kitchen purchase was a coffee mug holder.  I've recently become a coffee drinker, and bought a great set of oversized mugs to feel chic as I enjoy my new morning joy.  My last nutritional purchase was grapeseed oil. I like to bake more than fry, and because grapeseed oil has a high smoke point, it doesn't burn my baked chicken wings or sweet potato fries.  It also doesn't add a flavor to the coconut oil tends to do.

What is your "go to" meal when you are crunched for time?  
My "go to" meal, when I'm crunched for time, is breakfast.  I'm obsessed with breakfast.  Either my pancakes (Slim Stack) with turkey sausage or a breakfast sandwich with an egg, turkey sausage, and wheat toast.  Breakfast for dinner is even better than breakfast in the morning!

What three items should everyone have in their kitchen?  
1. A really sharp chef's knife. 2.) A well-seasoned cast iron skillet. 3.) A good quality wine opener.


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