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The Health HANG-OUT:

The Health HANG-OUT:

Check Out Who's in The HANG-OUT!!!

Who’s In The Hang-Out:
Blanca Beltran-Brand

Fitness Trainer/New Brand Fitness

Where is your favorite place to go in Houston, for inspiration?
"I don't have a place I go to physically -- my go to place for inspiration is from the LORD.  I pray to GOD to guide me, show me and assure me that all will be OK.  I'm a true believer that as long as I have faith, listen to my heart, follow my passion and continue to do his work -- everything will fall into place."

What is your guilty pleasure at the moment?
"Warm Small brownie with two tablespoons of ice cream (it is rare -- but it happened last Friday!) My other guilty pleasure has nothing to do with eating/exercise -- it is watching all of the 'Real Housewives" series on Bravo!!"

What was your last work-out and/or nutritional purchase and Why?
"I don't do any one workout.  I love mixing it up.  I am a runner and currently training for my fourth Aramco Half Marathon.  I do love doing compound exercises that will target several muscle groups at one time. 

As far as nutritional choices, I don't follow any one diet plan.  I try to eat clean, 90 percent of the time and stick with protein (chicken, turkey ground beef and tuna), veggies and fruit.  I don't drink sodas and drink minimal coffee.  I drink water any time I get a chance.

 I recently started taking Thrive products.  (nutritional purchase)
Thrive does not replace meals, it enhances the benefits and supports a healthier lifestyle, that leads to benefits you feel on the inside and see on the outside.  I loved it so much I became a promoter.” 

What is your "go to" meal when you are crunched for time?  
"Tuna lettuce wrap with veggies if I have them.”

What is your "go to" snack?
A small apple with Almond Butter (2 tablespoon max) 

What is your "go to" workout when you can't get to a gym and why?

All of my workouts are in my home or at the soccer park while my kids practice.  I don't go to the gym.  But if I don't have time for a long workout I always make sure to get in a core session in my home.

See below how Blanca, a busy mom of two, turns the park into HER gym, with a few exercises, to get a complete workout! 


Bench Step-Up:  with knee up/alternating legs

Bench Step-Up: include a jump-up in place of the the step-up to advance this exercise

Bench Step-Up:  with knee up/alternating legs

Lunge: front and side view

Squats: side view and front view

Tricep Dips: with leg extension, advance move (a beginner, one would do just Tricep Dips without leg extension) 

Push-Up:  Side and Front view

Modified Push-up: beginner (side and front view)

Squat Tap on Floor:  Jump and extend arms and legs out (Cardio-Calorie Burner)

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