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It's Our Anniversary!!!

As my 12th year Wedding Anniversary nears, I can’t help but reminisce over a post I wrote and never shared. Well now I'm Sharing!  You may want to grab some popcorn for this, Ok, guys enjoy! 

11th Wedding Anniversary + Hubby+ Family + Friends =The BEST (balanced) Weekend!!!

I had the best 11th Anniversary weekend with my hubby, family and friends.  Yes, all of the above played a part in making this weekend Absolutely Wonderful and BALANCED!

First, the hubby and I dropped the kiddos off at school and from there… IT WAS ON!!!  We took full advantage of Restaurant Month which happens every August.  We went to Charracus for lunch the experience was great from the ambiance to the meal.  I advise you to definitely partake in this good cause next year, a portion of the proceeds for this month go to The Houston Food Bank! 

The next stop was to see the Greatest Movie of the Summer Straight Out of Comptom about the group N freaking WA… oh sorry, NWA for those of you who don’t know.  Afterward, the hubby and I begin to relive our NWA wonder years.  (We couldn’t help but to keep it going)  Sooo we hopped in the car and knocked the dust off those beats and started playing and screaming from the top of our lungs; in our best representation of Eazy E’s voice… “Cruising down the street in my 64…” Before we knew it we were pulling up to our kiddos private Christian school parking lot.  Yeeeahhh… Our quick visit down memory lane had to come to a quiet and quick stop; at least until dinner with the Hubby but first, family dinner with the girls. 

In our House everyone knows Friday’s dinner is Pepperonis’s Pizza, which includes; Pizza Rolls and one Large Pizza half cheese and half pepperoni.  While sitting at the dinner table we always take the time to talk with the girls about their day at school and the upcoming days of the weekend.   I couldn’t help but to smile and look around the table at how blessed I am …We are the Hubby and I, 11 years together, and now with these two lil beautiful souls, Wow!  I still can’t help but think to myself,  I am grown, married (to my college sweetheart) and a mother! 

Back to the story, so before I knew it, it was time to get the little ones to bed and get sexy for my Mr because we have dinner reservations at Perry’s Steak house.  After dinner at Perry’s, still in NWA mode;  we crank up the beats and spent the evening club hopping only to discover yeah… the clubs are just not like they used to be, lol.  I was like, are there any good Adult clubs in the city anymore?  And, that just goes to show you how much out of the loop this couple is, with the club scene. However, it was fun doing my first Public Periscope, in route to our home, which included the Hubby, and of course NWA’s soundtrack, blasting in the background. Shortly after, very shortly, I soon decided to ughmmm DELETE!  (warning: Never Periscope with the truth serum… just saying)

Day 2 Afternoon:  Houston Theater District Open House + Kiddos + US= A Blast

Ok, so after spending a great evening with the Hubby the weekend just kept getting better.  Beginning with The Houston Theater District Annual Open House.  Yes, I truly love the Performing Arts!  The Hubby and I have been going every since our college dating days, and to now be able to go each year with the girls, Amazing!  Just watching the girls all consumed by this experience just thrilled me!  Honestly, just watching them sit still and quietly during a ballet performance excited me!!!

Day 2 Evening: Fashion Documentary + Friends + Museum= A FabTime

To wrap up this Fabulous weekend, what better way than with a few of my fashion family members at The Houston Museum of Fine Arts catching a fashion film documentary ”Iris”.

This weekend was so much more than a weekend it was my fun, loving, and supportive husband and I’s 11th anniversary.  Somehow it embodied were I am in life.  A happy and loved black woman, juggling and balancing, starting a business, being a wife, being a mother and being a friend, all while allowing myself to be OK when a ball falls or the balance is off. Hey, God willing there is always tomorrow! 

If you have an Anniversary Highlight you would like to share please drop me a line in comments!

-Sincerely Shandolyn

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