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Carryon: Lil Kiddos' Traveling Checklist

Carryon: Lil Kiddos' Traveling Checklist

With the Holidays being upon us, I felt it was only fair for me to share my Kiddos 2015 Denver Vacation checklist and flight experience.  Hopefully guys, it will allow you and your kiddos a more pleasurable trip!

 The day before boarding I was completely frantic. I couldn’t help thinking “Oh My!!!  I am traveling with 2 girls under the age of 5.”  One of my kiddos has flown however, doesn’t recall the flight.  My other kiddo has never Ever been on a flight. Yes, the “what ifs” definitely began to flow through my mind. “What if they have to potty while taking off or in the middle of landing”. “What if they are afraid or bored and begin disturbing the passengers”.  So I decided with all of these “what ifs” I need to prepare myself.  I became a mobile daycare.  I thought of Entertainment, Snacks, clothing backup etc… I must admit we used majority, if not everything on the Kiddos Carryon Checklist; and guess what, it was a pleasant flight for everyone most importantly my kiddos.  Hopefully this will diffuse your “what ifs” and allow you and your family an enjoyable and comfortable flight or road trip this Holidays!




Entertainment- how I love thee let me list the ways


  1. With pre-downloaded favorite shows and games that can be used in airplane mode.

  2. Fully Charged!!! (believe it or not us Moms do forget)

  3. Also great for when visiting restaurants. (We order the girls meals first, once they have completed their meals, we bring out the tablets, then the hubby and I are able to enjoy ours.)

  • Crayolas

  • Coloring Book

  • Blank sheets of paper


  1. Pretzels

  2. Goldfish-extra cheddar

  3. Cereal bars

  4. Animal crackers

  5. Water is obtained once through the gates

A change of clothes, You can never be to sure

Light blanket

This is a great start, so Carryon and safe Travels!

Do you have a must have Carryon for your Kiddos?

-Sincerely Shandolyn


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